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Discover the journey and expertise of a passionate software engineer.

As a dedicated problem solver and technophile, I thrive on tackling complex challenges and staying ahead of the curve with the latest technological advancements. Currently, I am a software engineer at Notion Wave Inc., where I can fully leverage my passion for technology and innovation.

My journey into the world of coding began in my teenage years when it was more of a captivating hobby. Armed with a degree in Telecommunication Engineering, I soon discovered that software engineering was where my true passion lay.

Since embarking on this career path, I have worked on numerous freelance projects and contributed to several notable startups. Today, I am part of the dynamic team at Notion Wave and am also delving into the exciting field of machine learning in my spare time.

My technical repertoire includes expertise in Python, Java, TypeScript, JavaScript, Dart, Flutter, and ReactJs, among other languages and frameworks. I am continually expanding my skill set and eager to explore new technologies.


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Software engineer with 6+ years of diverse software engineering experience with specialties in software architecture design, infrastructure operation, and backend development. Love to contribute to open-source and tech communities by sharing knowledge and experience.


B.Sc in Telecommunication Engineering

Kermanshah University of Technology, Kermanshah, Iran

September 2012 - September 2016

My mind was with the university's courses, but my heart was with the programming. in the first semesters, I started to learn C++ and Python and taught my classmates for the finals. I also taught Matlab for 5 semesters.

Diploma in Math and Physics

Javad Al`Aeme, Kermanshah, Iran

September 2008 - September 2012

I had a great time in high school. In addition to regular courses, I learned Visual Basic for fun and completed the whole class's projects for them.


Machine Learning



LPIC 1 & 2

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Institute of Applied Science Technology


Professional Experience

Software Engineer

Notion Wave, Dubai, UAE

May 2019 - February 2022

  • Led the design and development of edSPIRIT, a scalable SaaS Open edX platform, resulting in a client base of more than 200, boosting overall growth.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop, test, and deploy web applications and services using Python, Django, and various web development tools.
  • Designed structured onboarding program for new engineers, ensuring smooth transition & clear goals.

Fullstack Python Developer

Avid Arvand, Tehran, Iran

May 2019 - February 2022

Maintainer of Pubnito Studio, a part of Pubnito Digital Book Store.

  • Implemented multi-tenancy support, enhancing scalability and reducing operational costs.
  • Integrated authentication and other services with SSO with Keycloak, enhancing security and system efficiency.
  • Automated EPUB book creation with web scraper, saving content team months, led to a partnership with Rice University.

Backend Developer

September 2017 - January 2019

InstructHub, Tehran, Iran

  • Architected and deployed scalable, high-availability systems on AWS utilizing EC2, S3, RDS, and VPC.
  • Built backend logic for coding exercises and auto-grading systems, applying algorithms to evaluate code submissions in real-time.
  • Set up error logging and monitoring using tools like Sentry and ELK Stack, ensuring rapid issue identification and resolution.


I’m familiar with a variety of programming languages and frameworks, but I’m always adding new skills to my repertoire.

Python 100%
TypeScript 60%
Dart 70%
SQL 100%
Docker 100%
Leadership 100%
Django 100%
React 70%
Flutter 60%
Git 90%
Kubernetes 50%
Creativity 100%


Persian 100%
English 80%
Deutsch 20%